Riffs Groups

as Creations (ref Joe LoCicero) – Wake Up In The Morning/ Strolling Through The Park, ’61 (Pine Crest 101)


Riffs (Brooklyn)

– Little Girl/ Why Are The Nights So Cold, ’64 (Sunny 22) (Lead singer Joe Locicero for Lenny Coco Chimes Group.)

– Tell Tale Friends/ Why Are The Nights So Cold, ’65 (Old Town 1179)

– Storm/ Where There Is A Will, ’80 (Crystal Ball 130) (B-scan found.)


Riffs (Brooklyn)

– My Heart Belongs To Only You/ Wake Up In The Morning (Riff Inc 1A/1B)

– Don’t Say Goodnight/ I Count The Tears (Riff Inc 2A/2B)

(All sides feature Vocals by: J Locicero, R Marsicano, J Ficarotto, M Goldman & A Anglero.)

(Not in book.)



Riffs (Arizona) – Tell Her/ I Been Thinkin’, ’65 (Lubee 304 & Jamie 1296) (Youtube sources say group is from Phoenix Arizona.  There is no scan for Jamie label but it does appear in label discographies.)


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