Rays/Hal Miller

Rays error – Crazy Girl/ Dressin’ Up (Cameo 127)  (Sides are by Charlie Gracie.)


Rays (Brooklyn) (ft Hal Miller)

– Rags To Riches/ The Man Above, ’58 (Cameo 133)

– Are You Happy Now/ Bright Brown Eyes, ’62 (Perri 1004) (B-side is BV by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.)

– Sad Saturday Night/ Love Another Girl, ’64 (Amy 900)


Rays (Brooklyn) (ft Hal ‘Mr Silhouettes’ Miller) – Silver Starlight/ Old Devil Moon, ’60 (XYZ 608)


Rays (Brooklyn) (Hal Miller & The) – An Angel Cried/ Hope, Faith And Dreams, ’61 (Topix 6003)


as Hal Miller (A Bob Crewe Production) – I Still Care/ On My Own Two Feet, ’64 (Amy 909)


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