Ray Frazier

Ray Frazier (And Moonrays (Hollywood) – Days/ Turn On Me, ’56 (Excel 111)


Ray Frazier (& Group) – Walking With My Love, ’55 (Excel 111) (No scan was found on #111 for a solo by Ray Frazier.  The youtube video for ‘Walkin’ With My Baby’ on Baronet #8, ’62 is the same song as the book’s Excel 111 title.)


Ray Frazier (& Group) – All My Love/ Fat Mouth, ’56 (Excel 112) (Label is Ray Frazier solo with no BB credited.  Book lists BB as Moonrays.)


Ray Frazier & The Blenders – Darline/ King Of Lovers, ’59 (Combo 161)

(Scan for a-side is by Ray Frazier & The Blenders (Hollywood).  No scan for b-side.  The listing asby The Lovers looks like an error, either printing or listing.)


as The Blenders – Darline, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 A6)

as The Blenders & Ray Frazier – King Of Lovers, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 B5)


Ray Frazier (And The Moonrays (Hollywood)) – My Dream Love/ Heaven’s Not So Far, ’62 (Dynamite 1009)


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