Ravons Groups (Various Spellings)

Rav’Ons (Connecticut) – Wrapped Tangled And Tied/ Teen Age Hop, ’58 (Arrow 734)



Ravons (NY) – Don’t Ever Break Your Baby’s Heart/ I’m A Fugitive, ’59 (Davis 464) (Book’s a-side listing (Teen-Age Idol) appears to be an error.)



Ravons (New Mexico) – Why Did You Leave Me/ Everybody’s Laughing At Me, ’62 (Yucca 142)



Bobby Roberts & The Ravons (Chicago) – I’m In Love Again/ How Can I Make Her Mine, ’65 (GMA 10-B & Cameo 339)

(The book listed only this release.  The group is considered garage rock and their discography can be found at headdiprecords.com/blog/interview_ravons/@Blog_INTERVIEW_Ste…)



book error: Bobby Roberts (Mississippi) (With Highpockets’ Delta Rockets) – Big Sandy/ She’s My Woman (Sky 56-101) (Book listed ‘Big Sandy’ as part of the Chicago Ravons group.  Big Sandy is by Bobby Roberts of Mississippi.)


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