Ralph London

Ralph London (& Group) – Lovely, Lovely Girl/ Some Day You’ll Be My Girl, ’64 (Coed 588)

  • Scans do not credit any group association.
  • The book lists as (aka Adam Wade & Group) and others list BB Duprees.


Read the introduction to ‘Lovely, Lovely Girl’ @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffYHD4PP_X0 for the BB group explanation,  In part:

“It’s not The Duprees but another white group, The Visions, who also recorded for Coed Records. I remember sitting in my backyard in 2002 talking with the late Michael Arnone (founder, owner and original member) of The Duprees, and I asked him if The Duprees ever did background vocals for Ralph London’s lead on “LOVELY, LOVELY GIRL. I won’t repeat here what he said. LOL. Let’s put it this way, he never heard of Ralph London. Not to get into the weeds with this, I know the complete history of The Duprees and anyone who knows me and anything about my 39 years in the music business would know that!!”


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