R (Unlisted Artists)

Ral Donner (BB The Innocents-uncredited) – Beyond The Heartbreak (But Still In Love)/ Run Little Linda, ’63 (Reprise 20192) (The Innocents backed Donner at his request.)

Ray Dots – Lu La/ I Need Someone, ’60 (Vibro 1651) (Artist spelling correction.)

Ray Scott & The Demens (Memphis TN) – You Drive Me Crazy/ Say Anything But Not Goodbye, ’58 (Satellite 104) (Book dated N/A.)

Real McCoys (Colorado) (Lead Vocal-George Holmes) – Gonna Take A Chance/ I Must Forget About You, ‘61 (Pico 523) (Book dated N/A.)

Real Tones – Dumb Dora, ’61 (Famous LP 501 A5) (Book spelled as Realtones and dated N/A.)

Realistics as Realistic’s – Please Baby Please/ Too Shy, ’70 (De-Lite 528-0) (70s soul group.)

Rebelaires as Razzie Bailey (ft The Rebelaires) – Once We Loved/ Keep Singin’ And Look Ahead, ’57 (B&K 103) (Post is / scan.)

Rebels (Dallas Tx) (Gene Summers & His) – School Of Rock ‘N Roll/ Straight Skirt, ’58 (Jan 100) (B-side added to listing.)

The Regal Dewy – Where Would I Be Without You/ Love Music, ’77 (Millennium 603 & RCA 1032) (Artist name and label spelling corrected.)

Reggie Harrison – A Lonely Piano, ’63 (Parkway 863)  (The A-side flip, ‘Memory Lane’ is credited as The Hippies (formerly The Tams).

Renaults (Instrumental Grp) – Melancolie [sic]/ Stella, ’59 (Warner Bros 5094)

Revivals as Mickey B (ft The Revivals) – Quarter To Three/ Sea Cruise, ’89 (Sutra 101) (Artist and label spelling corrected.)

Rhythm Tones – Something Wrong Upstairs/ Please Come Back To Me, ’59 (Vest 828) (A-side title might be ‘Something’s Wrong Upstairs.  Scan found for B-side.)

Ric Gary (w Ron Wray Light Show And Sherman) – Pimples And Braces, ’70 (Eceip 1004) (Flip (Bad Woman) by Fallen Angels (Syracuse))

Ricardos (Music by the Regal-Airs) – Mary’s Little Lamb/ I Mean Really, ’58 (Star-X 512)

Richie (Pecchico) (& Group) – Dream Lover/ Cherie, ’61 (Kip 240)

Richie Allen & The Ebonistics – Echo’s Of November/ Fanarri, ’68 (Groovey Grooves 160) (Artist and A-side title change.)

Richie Dickson & The Rosebuds (LA) – Moonlight And Roses/ You Broke My Heart, ’62 (Class 308) (Label scan confirms Dickson spelling.  Book also listed as R Dickson & Group.)

Rick Corio (w Ed Cee & Orchestra) – Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu, ’58 (Bell 88) (Flip is ‘Little Star’ by The Terrifics (w Ed Cee & Orchestra))

Rickey Leigh (w The Shondells-uncredited) – To Find An Angel Like You/ Why Do Little Girls Hurt Little Boys, ’63 (Savoy 1620) (Scans found for both sides.  Book listed as Shondelles.  All others list BB as Shondells.)

Ricky Coyne & His Guitar Rockers – Angel From Heaven/ I Want You To Know, ’59 (Event 4294) (Artist name completed as/ scan.)

Ricky Darwin (& Group) – The Great Great Thinker/ Deep In Love, ’59 (Buzz 103) (A-side title correction.)

Ricky Wynn – Till Eternity/ Shaking, Rolling Boogie (Campbell 1001) (Artist spelling correction.  B-side added.)

Ritchie Cordell (& Group) – Tick Tock/ Please Don’t Tell Her, ’62 (Rori 707) (Book spelled as Richie Cordell.)

Roaches – Beatle Mania Blues/ Angel Of Angels, ’64 (Crossway 447) (A-side title correction.)

Rock-A-Tones – Young Lady/ Please Don’t Talk About Me (When I’m Gone), ’61 (Judy Tone 369) (Rocky-52 locates group in Salem NC and dates 1961.)

Rocket-Tones – Mepri (Stomp)/ Too Many Loves, ’63 (3-Sons Records 101) (Label # correction.)

Rockin’ Fellers (Leroy & His) – Unfinished Fifth/ River Nile, ’61 (Cameo 194) (Book listed with the ‘Rocky Fellers’ groups.)

Rocking Rebels (Ray Fournia With The) – You Done Me Wrong/ Settle Down, ’61 (Diamond Disk 101) (Book dated N/A.)

Rockmasters – A Wonderful Thing (Love)/ My Lonely One (Where Are You), ’63 (One-derful 4820) (Scans found.)

Roger Ballin (BV The A-Tones) – Look’A Who/ Why, ’61 (Nike 001-2) (Artist name spelling correction.)

Roger Washington (& Group) – I Won’t Never Make You Cry/ Unless You Let Me, ’64 (Beacon 563 & Burdett 1912, ’66) (A-side title change.  Added Burdett label.)

Roleaks – Keep On Loving You (Just Loving You)/ As Long As You Love Me, ’67 (Hope 556-557) (Dating varied from 1966-68.)

Romaines (Romaine Brown & His) – Hold ‘Em Joe/ Ooba Dabba Dabba Da, ’56 (Decca 30122) (A-side title correction.  Added b-side.)

Romanaires (Female Group) – Lollypops And Shotguns (A Hostage’s Lament)/ Is It Too Late, ’60 (D&J 100) (A couple of sites date 1959 and 1960.  Book dated N/A.)

Rose Morris & The Delighters – I Love The Life I Live/ It’s No Secret, ’62 (Puff 1002)

Rosemarie Rand (w Sid Bass & His Orchestra & Chorus) – Lies, Lies, Lies/ Gimmie, ’56 (Vik 0206) (Artist spelling as/ scan.)

Round Robins – Since I Don’t Have You, ’59 (Bell 108) (Flip ‘Peter Gunn’ is an instrumental by Joe Cenna & Orchestra.)

Rover Boys – Is It Me/ Marry Young, ’61 (United Artists 288) (Book listed under Royal Boys.)

Roy Goode (& Group) – Fools [sic] Paradise/ Stupid Heart, ’59 (Vel-Tone 25) (Book spelled as Ray Goode.)

Roy Hines And The Cobanas – I Can Live/ We Have Love, ’63 (Solitaire 1001) (Book dated N/A.)

Royal Knights (Lancaster PA) – Have You Heard/ What Kind Of Love Is This, ’66 (Rendezvous 01) (Book dated N/A.)

Royal Play Boys – Walking On/ Don’t Be No Square, ’61 (Imperial 5782) (Artist spelling correction.)

Royal Reveres – Such A Fool/ If I Had My Life To Live Over (Jump-Up 114) (Artist correction.)

RPM’s (ft Tenor Sax By: Mike Mitchell) – Street Scene {I}/ Love Me {I}, ’63 (Port 70032) (Scans found.)

Runners – Charlie Brown, ’59 (Bell 107-USA & Bell 210-Australia) (Flip ‘She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)’ is by the Treetoppers.)

Russ Vestee (& Group) – Teardrops/ Well All Right, ’62 (Amy 833) (B-side spelling correction.)


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