Priscilla Bowman

Priscilla Bowman (w Al Smith’s Orch) – Yes, I’m Glad/ A Spare Man, ’57 (Falcon 1004)

  • No concrete information was found that this was also issued on Abner 1004 as one site reports.


Priscilla Bowman – Sugar Daddy / Don’t You Come In Here, ‘58 (Falcon 1008)


Priscilla Bowman (BB The Spaniels-uncredited) – I Ain’t Givin’ Up Nothin’/ A Rockin’ Good Way, ’59 (Abner 1018)

  • The multi-group recording session was held on August 9, 1958 with Abner 1018 released in March 1959.


Priscilla Bowman (w Riley Hampton Orch) – Why Must I Cry/ Like A Baby, ’59 (Abner 1033)