P-Q (Unlisted Artists)

Panthers (Charles Gray, Les Watson & The) – I Found A Love/ Don’t Do It (Village 103) (A-side title correction.  Book dated N/A.)

Parrots – Please Don’t Leave Me/ Weep, Weep, Weep, ’53 (Parrot 772 & Checker 772, ’54) (Book listed Parrot label as #758.)

Passionetts – My Fault/ My Plea, ’67 (Path 101) (Artist spelling change/scan.  Book dated N/A and spelled as Passionettes.)

Pastimes – Too Late To Turn Back/ Can’t Find The Time To Tell You, ’86 (Starlight 36) (A-side title correction.)

Paul Ballenger & The Flares (Alabama) – I Still Love You/ Seven Times Heaven, ’58 (Reed 711) (Their next recording is: ‘Pig/ I Hear Thunder’, also on the Reed label.)

Paul De Noia (& Group) – Dear Abby/ Maureen, ’62 (Kenco 5020)

Pawns (Vocal Ron Nowlan) – Summer/ Impossible Dream, ’66 (Bay-State 1267) (Book only listed A-side and dated N/A.)

Pedal Pushers (Bobby Dale & The) – Foolish Little Fool/ Love You Lovely Stranger, ’63 (Ko Ko 8803) (Book dated N/A.)

Pedestrians (Jay Walker & The) (ref Pete Antell) – Hey Now/ Never Happen, ’62 (Amy 848) (No featured artist on label.)

Peewee’s – Blue Jean Cinderella/ Tootsie Roll, ’58 (Josie 838) (Artist spelling correction.)

Penguins – Walkin’ Down Broadway/ It Only Happens With You, ’55 (Mercury 70654) (B-side title correction,)

Persianettes (Timmy Carr & His) – Only Now And Then/ I Could Never Stop Crying Over You, ’64 (Guyden 2104)

Philadelphians (Big John & The) – My Love, My Love, ’63 (Guyden 2093) (Flip ‘Cleo’s Theme (My Love, My Love)’ is an instrumental credited to Vince Montana & His Orchestra.

Pitch Pikes – Zing Zing/ Never Never Land, ’57 (Mercury 71099) (A-side title correction.)

Players (NYC) (Leroy Lovett & The) – Midnight Sun {I}/ Unchained Melody {I}, ’55 (Atlantic 1058)

Playgirls (Calif) (ref Arleigh Steele) – Bells/ Donnie, ’62 (Galaxy 713)

Po’ Boys (Edgar Alan & The) – Panic Button {I}/ Lenore, ’62 (Rust 5053) (Artist corrections.)

Poppies – Lullaby Of Love/ I Wonder Why, ’66 (Epic 9893) (Book dated N/A.)

Populairs – I Lost My Heart/ Island Of Paradise, ’57 (Marvello 5001) (Artist spelling corrected.)

Poss’e [sic] (Marshall Laws & The) – Mama’s House/ Little Baby, ’61 (Forum 702) (Group spelling correction.)

Preludes (Hollywood CA Label) (Chuck Maroni & The) – Flap Flap/ When The Moon Shines Bright, ’58 (Imperial 5498) (Artist, A-side title change, label # added.  B-side title added.)

Pre-Teens – What Makes Me Love You Like I Do/ Pass It On, ’59 (J&S 1756) (A-side title completion.)



Quaddells (Alan & The) – The Woody Surfer/ Loafin’, ’61? (Goldisc G14) (Book listed as Quadrells.  A-side scan found.)

Quartertones (Philadelphia) (Chip & The) – Simple Simon/ You Were My Baby, ’64 (Carlton 604) (Group name spelling correction.)

Quills (Chester PA) – Going To the Moon/ Who’s Love But Yours, ‘59 (Casino 106) (Repo scans found.  Like most comps, the B-side in book isas ‘Whose’.)


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    • Thanks for the scans for this release. There are some changes to the post to reflect the info you sent. Thanks too for the link to your friend on the group. The book was correct so they’re not posted.

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