Penguins (Cleve Duncan & The)

Penguins (Cleve Duncan & The) – Mr Junkman/ You’re An Angel, ’60 (Dooto EP 456)



Penguins (Cleve Duncan & The) (The Masked Phantom Band) – Universal Twist, ’61 (Eldo 119)

(Some sources say this is an instrumental and/or not by the Penguins.  I have only heard a vocal of Universal Twist which sounds like Cleve Duncan.  The label scan is ‘Penguins’ but if it is not them, then who?)


Penguins (Cleve Duncan & The) (The Masked Phantom Band) – To Keep Our Love, ’61 (Eldo 119) (The Radiants master is used.)


FYI Radiants (Los Angeles) (Cleve Duncan & The) – To Keep Our Love/ I’m Betting My Heart, ’59 (Dooto 451)



Penguins (ft Cleve Duncan)

– Be Mine/ Memories Of El Conte, ’63 (Original Sound 27)

– Heavenly Angel/ Big Bobo’s Party Train, ’65 (Original Sound 54)


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