Opposites – Karen/ Ding Dong, ’62 (Columbia 42641-unreleased)

  • Book also lists under Rip Chords (LA).


This direct quote from spectropop.com/TerryMelcher/TerryMelcher3.htm, clarifies the questions surrounding #42641:

“A pair of ‘white country boys’ initially dubbed The Opposites, Ernie Bringas was a theology student and Phil Stewart a private detective.

“They might not have seemed ideal rock’n’roll material, but following a name change, most probably suggested by Terry, the newly christened Rip Chords were ready to cut their first slice of wax.

“The intended release, “Karen”/”Ding Dong” (both sides written by the group), was assigned as Columbia 42641, but the coupling, lacking any input from Jack Nitzsche, was pulled.”


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