Olympics (Notes)

See Marv Goldberg’s biography of the Olympics and their entire discography.  The following are changes to the Complete Book Of Doowop listings.


Olympics formerly Walter Ward & The Challengers (West Coast) – I Can Tell, ’57 (Melatone 1002)

Olympics formerly Charles Fizer & The Challengers (West Coast) – The Mambo Beat, ’57 (Melatone 1002)




– The Boogler Pt 1/ The Boogler Pt 2, ’64 (Duo Disc 104)

– Return Of Big Boy Pete/ Return Of The Watusi, ’64 (Duo Disc 105)

– Rainin’ In My Heart/ I’m Comin’ Home, ’65 (Loma 2010)


Olympics – Just Like That, ’61 (Arvee LP A-424) (This is by The Robins (West Coast) but included on this Olympics’ LP)


Olympics as The Specials – I’m Leaving It All Up To You/ Kissin’ Like Lovers, ’63 (Marc 103)


Olympics – Little Pedro, ’61 (Arvee 5023) (Flip is Bull Fight {I} by Cappy Lewis.)


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