O (Unlisted Artists)

Objectives (Greensboro NC) – Oh My Love (Come Back To Me)/ Love Went Away, ’65 (Jewel 751) (Titles as/ scans.)

Ocapello’s – The Stars/ Anytime, ’65 (General 107 & Checker 1144, ’66) (Artist spelling correction.)

Octaves – Mombo [sic] Carolyn/ Your [sic] Too Young, ’58 (Val 1001)

One-O-Two’s as Skip & The 102’s – You Gotta’ Pay The Price/ Dance Of The 7 Veils, ’66 (Kay Bee 106) (Book dated 1963.)

Ordells (Compton CA) – Sippin’ A Cup Of Coffee/ Big Dom {I}, ’67 (Dionn 505) (Book dated N/A.)

Original Chapters (Reuben & The) – Cara Mia/ Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart, ’79 (Surfside 3) (The book listed as Chapters (2))

Originells 4 –  Nights/ I Can Make You Mind, ’65 (Apt 25074) (A-side title change.)

Orioles (Bobby Thomas Tribute Group) (ft Bobby Thomas) – Don’t Make It A Sad Holiday/ Danny Boy, ’92 (Clifton 105) (This is not the Sonny Til Orioles.)

Orlons as Zip & The Zippers – Where You Goin’, Little Boy/ Gig, ’63 (Pageant 607) (FYI)

Oscar Harrison (& Group) – I Don’t Want To Cry/ I Need Love, ‘65 (On Tap 1003) (Carmel Valley California.)

Othea George (& Group) – Keep On Writtin’ [sic]/ Come To Me, ’63 (Volume 1110) (Scans found.)

Owls – So Lost/ Kasavubu (Arden 1000) (B-side spelling correction.)

Ox Tones – Mickey/ Fatty Patty, ’58 (Phonograph 1024) (Book listed as Ox-Tones.  A-side added to book listing.)

Ozells – Please Don’t Go/ The Gossips, ’63 (Cub 9126) (B-side title change.)


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