Nightbeats/Nitebeats/Night Beats

Nightbeats (Arizona)

– Lonesome Road Rock/ Nightbeat {I}, ’58 (Zoom 002)

– Cryin’ All Night/ Doreen, ’58 (Zoom 004)


Nitebeats (Georgia) – Nitebeats Are Rocking/ Teen-Age Lover, ’59 (Peach 718)


Night Beats (El Ray & The) (Wisconsin) (ft Terry Timling) – My Secret, ’63 (Revive 103)

Night Beats (El Ray & The) (Wisconsin) – Come On Let’s Go, ’63 (Revive 103)


One thought on “Nightbeats/Nitebeats/Night Beats

  1. El Ray & The Night Beats were from Waukesha, WI and had an EP on Erro, 2 45s on Sound & a 2nd 45 on Revive.Members: Raymond “El Rey” Ojeda, Dick Whitstone, Gerald “Rusty” Bartelman, Ron Kurtz, Bruce “Ace” Rudan & Tom Montez with some later changes.

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