Nicky De Matteo

Nicky De Matteo – Schoolhouse Rock/ A Way To Tell Her, ’58 (End 1021) (Book listed asby the Nobles (1).  Label discographies also list asby the Nobles.  Label scan isby Nicky De Matteo.  Nicky De Matteo and Nicky DeLano/Nobels are not the same people.)


Nicky DeMatteo – Suddenly/ I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night, ’60 (Guyden 2024) (The Sorrows, named as the BB were not credited on the label.  Book listed flip as ‘More Than Riches’ which is by Ralph De Marco on Guaranteed 202.  No doubt an artist name mixup.)


Nicky DeMatteo & The Sorrows – I Wanna Be Lonely/ Little Red Kitten, ’66 (Cameo 407)

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