Nicky De Matteo

Nicky De Matteo – Schoolhouse Rock/ A Way To Tell Her, ’58 (End 1021)

  • Label scan is credited to Nicky De Matteo. 
  • Book listed with the Nobles (Connecticut) group.  Some label discographies also list asby the Nobles.
    • Nicky De Matteo and Nicky DeLano/Nobels are not the same people.


Nicky DeMatteo – Suddenly/ I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night, ’60 (Guyden 2024)

  • The Sorrows, named as the BB were not credited on the label.
  • The flip ‘More Than Riches’ which is by Ralph De Marco on Guaranteed 202.


Nicky DeMatteo & The Sorrows – I Wanna Be Lonely/ Little Red Kitten, ’66 (Cameo 407)