N (Unlisted Artists)

New Hollywood Argyles – Alley Oop ’66/ Do The Funky-Foot, ’66 (Kammy 105) (The B-side also appears on ‘Alley Oop – The Very Best Of The Hollywood Argyles.)

Nick Reno – I Had A Dream/ My Darling, ’59 (Ges 100/101) (Artist credit correction.)

Nickels & Three Pennies (Edd Henry With The) – I Love Only You/ I Only Love You {I}, ’64 (Nu-Sound 180) (Book reversed ‘Love Only’ [vocal] and ‘Only Love’ {I}.  All sources indicate the A and B titles are the same.  Scan found for A-side.)

Nightingales – Love In Return/ Private Party, ’61 (Ray Star 784) (B-side title correction.)

Nip-Tones (Nippy Hawkins & The) – Angie/ Its [sic] Gonna Be Too Late, ’65 (Lorraine 1001) (Artist spelling as/ scan.)

Nitebeaters (Tony Seymour & The) (Bahamas) – Dream Lover/ Pretty Blue Eyes, ’64 (Carib 1010) (On Elite P 5, artist is credited as Night-Beaters (Tony Seymour & The))

Noc-Tunes – I Fell For You/ Lazy Daisy, ’50 (Sensation 22) (B-side added.  Book listed as Nocturnes and dated N/A.)

Note-Torials – My Valerie/ Love [sic] And Lost, ’59 (Sunbeam 119) (Scans found.)

Novars (Carl Bell & The) – Birth Of The Beat/ Open House In Your Heart, ’58 (Laurie 3014) (Book listed as Novairs.)

Novas (Ohio) (Little Ted (Fletcher) & The) – (If I Had) All Your Lovin’/ Baby-Baby-Baby, ’63 (Kay-Gee 440 & Kay-Gee 1068) (Title corrections.)

Nu Luv’s – Baby You Belong To Me/ Hello Lover (Goodbye Friend), ’65 (Clock 2003) (Scans found.)

Nu-Trends – Together/ Spooksville, ’63 (Lawn 216) (Artist spelling correction.)

Nu-Trons – Searchin’/ Beat {I}, ’65 (Eldee 85) (B-side title added.  Book dated N/A.)

Nutmegs – My Story/ My Sweet Dream, ’59 (Herald 538) (B-side title change.)


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