Mohawks Groups

Mohawks (Philadelphia) – I Got A Gal/ Bewitched (Bothered And Bewildered), ’60 (Val-Ue 211)



Mohawks (Motown) (Pop Corn & The) – Custer’s Last Man/ Shimmy Gully, ’60 (Motown 1002) (Pressings also as Popcorn & The Mohawks.)


Mohawks (Motown) (Popcorn & His) – Pretty Girl/ You’re The One, ’60 (Northern 3732)


Mohawks (Motown) (Popcorn & The) – Real Good Lovin/ Have I The Right, ’62 (Motown 1019)


Mohawks (Motown) as Richard Wylie & ‘His Band’ – Money (That’s What I Want)/ I’ll Still Be Around, ’61 (Motown 1009)



Mohawks (Philadelphia Label) – Shopliftin’ Molly/ ‘Hey Buddy’ (Could You Loan Me A Dime), ’64 (Mutual 504)


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