Midnighters (Detroit) (Notes)

Midnighters (?) – Sinner’s Prayer, ’53 (Federal 12169)

  • ‘Federal 12169’ is credited to The Royals (Work With Me Annie/ Until I Die’), with later pressings credited to the Midnighters.
  • No scan was found for ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ asby the Midnighters.
    • ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ is a Ray Charles song on Atlantic records (1951-1954.)


Midnighters (Formerly The Royals) – Work With Me Annie/ Until I Die, ’54 (Federal 12169)

  • Also released asby The Royals.


Midnighters (Formerly Known as The Royals) – Give It Up/ That Woman, ’54 (Federal 12177)

  • Also released asby The Royals.


Midnighters (Formerly The Royals) – Sexy Ways/ Don’t Say Your Last Goodbye, ’54 (Federal 12185)

  • Federal 12185 had several pressings and each credited the Midnighters differently.


Note: The following changes are minor and posted for interest only.


Midnighters – Henry’s Got Flat Feet (Can’t Dance No More)/ Whatsonever You Do, ’55 (Federal 12224)

  • Lyrics are ‘Whatsonever.’


credited as Henry Booth & The Midnighters – Every Beat Of My Heart/ Starting From Tonight, ’60 (DeLuxe 6190)

  • Lead is Charles Sutton.


Midnighters (Hank Ballard & The)

– Don’t Go I Love You, ’60 (King LP 700)

– Young Lady, ’60 (King LP 700)