Mid-Knights & Mid-Knighters Groups

Mid-Knights (Richie Knight & The) (Toronto Canada) – Charlena/ You’ve Got The Power, ’63 (Arc 1028)


Note: http://www.garagehangover.com/tag/arc/ has more releases by this artist.


Mid-Knighters (Milwaukee) – Charlena/ Flower Of Love (Paragon 814)

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Knights & Mid-Knighters Groups

  1. The Mid-Knighters on Paragon were from Milwaukee: Jimmy Rosetti, Keith Dreher (1944-73), Charlie & Mel Lewandowski & Bill Hakow, later member Johnny Verbraken. They had a previous 45 on Key. Rosetti is still active in music

    The 1st version of Charlena that I’m aware of was in Jan 1961 by the Sevilles (charted for 5 wks in Billboard, peaking at #84). It was written by members of the Jaguars & I believe the 2 groups were friends.

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