Metrotones (Cleveland)

Metrotones (Cleveland) (w The Little Walkin’ Willie Quartet) – Please Come Back/ Skitter Skatter, ’57 (Reserve 116)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg gms for the sextet are: Sonny Turner, Luvenia Eaton, Fred Camp, Leonard Veal, James Frierson, and Melvin Smith.   


as Five Jades (Lead Charles (Sonny) Turner) – Rock And Roll Molly, ’58 (Duke 188)

as Five Jades (Lead Luevenia Eaton) – Without Your Love, ’58 (Duke 188)


Metrotones (No Info) – More And More, ’57 (Reserve 114)

  • No scan found as listed.
  • The title is not included on artist or label discographies.
  • Scans for Reserve #114 are issued as The Tracey Twins (w The Dick Lurie Quintet) – Do You Ever Think Of Me/A Place Of Your Own Called Home-1956.