Mello-Chords Groups

Mello-Chords (St Louis Missouri Label) – Desperado/ Golden Vanity, ’61 (Lyco 1001)

(Members: Yoshio Inomato and feature Pat Phillips, Don Brackin & Harold Valentine.)



Mello-Chords (Sacramento CA) – I’m So All Alone/ A Teardrop Falls, ’75 (Palm 5000)

Label was active from 1959-1963.  The 5000# is outside this sequence.  As/collectorsfrenzy, ‘I’m So All Alone’ was previously unissued and released on Palm in 1975.

Eddie Cochran’s ‘Lonely (2:00)’, essentially the same song as ‘I’m So All Alone (2:28)’, was recorded in May, 1958 and released after his death August 1960.  Recorded date for the Mello-Chords version is not known.  YFI, scanned writing credits are Shari Sheeley (Cochran version) and Cole-Mimms (Mello-Chords version.)


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