Meadowlarks/Don Julian (Changes)

as Meadow Larks – Love Only You/ Real Pretty Mamma, ’54 (RPM 399)


as Meadowlarks – LSMFT Blues/ Pass The Gin, ’54 (RPM 406)


Meadowlarks (Don Julian & The) – Popeye (With A Touch Of The Twist)/ Heaven Only Knows, ’62 (Dynamite 1112)


as Meadowlarks – Slauson Shuffle (Pt 1)/ Slauson Shuffle (Pt 2), ’62 (Dynamite 1114)


as Don Julian & The Meadow Larks – Philly Jerk/ How Can You Be So Foul, ’65 (Jerk 100)


Larks (LA) label as Meadowlarks – Sad Sad Boy/ Can You Do The Duck, ’65 (Money 115)

(Scans only found asby Meadowlarks.  No scans found asby The Larks but most sources list asby The Larks.)


Meadowlarks (Don Julian & The) – Lie/The Booglay, ’64 (Magnum 716) (Book listed as Meadowlarks.)



Meadowlarks (Buddy DiVito & The) (Chicago) – Everytime/ Dream Time, ’54 (Chance 2480-2481) (Book listed under Don Julian & The Meadowlarks.)


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