Marveleers Group


– For The Longest Time/ One-Sided Love Affair, ’53 (Derby 829)

– I’ve Only Myself To Blame/ All My Heart, ’53 (Derby 842)

  • No B-side scan.

– Love Me, Want Me/ I Miss You Most Of All, ’53 (Derby 844)

  • Verifying info found.

– These Are The Things We’ll Share/ Marlina, Marlina, ’55 (Dot 15320)

  • Scans are as ‘Marveleers.’


5 thoughts on “Marveleers Group

        • The Derby/Dot releases are by the same group. The short post on Dot and Joany (Marveliers) were the two with questions. They are not connected groups however. The book was correct in their separation. If Derby scans were not found, other verifying information was used to consider them correct. For completion, the Dot/Derby group is now posted. Thanks for your comment about the group.

          The Marveliers (Detroit) have been moved to a separate post.

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