Magic Tones & Magic-Tones

Magic Tones (Detroit Label) – Great Day/ Look Away, ‘67 (Ram-Brock 2001) (Book dated N/A.  Other sources say 1967.)



Magic-Tones (Baltimore-DC) – When I Kneel Down To Pray/ Good Googa Mooga, ’53 (King 4665)

Magic-Tones (Baltimore-DC) as Magic Tones – How Can You Treat Me This Way/ Cool, Cool Baby, ’54 (King 4681)

Magic-Tones (Baltimore-DC) as Magic Tones – Tears In My Eyes/ Spanish Love Song, ’58 (Howfum 101) (Label is said to have no #.  The youTube scan was not clear.)



Magic-Tones (Unknown Group) – Does She Know/ Wait A Minute Baby, ’74 (Broadcast 1101) (No scans found.)


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