M (Unlisted Artists)

Magnetics (Chicago) – Oh Love/ Wasting Time, ’69 (J-V 2501) (Book dated N/A.)

Magnificent Six – Forever More/ Hold On Baby (L Brown 01659) (Artist name correction.  NY Label.)

Malibu’s – Cry/ Leave Me Alone, ’66 (Planet 58) (Artist spelling and date change.)

Mamselles – Love Him/ Paradise Is Where He Is, ’65 (Diamond 172)

Manish Boys (Eddie Hope & The) – A Fool No More/ Lost Child, ’56 (Marlin 804) (Artist spelling corrected.  B-side added.)

Marc Tanno (& Group) – Dear Abby/ Angel, ’61 (Whale 501) (A-side title correction.)

Mark IV – I Got A Wife/ Ah-OOO-Gah, ’59 (Mercury 71403) (B-side title correction.)

Mark IV’s (ft Sam Fain) – The Tide Has Turned/ Whoe Baby – That’s All [sic], ’62 (Barry 105) (Artist credit corrected.  B-side correction.)

Marshall Brothers (William Cook (Accompanied By The)) – A Soldier’s Prayer/ Just Because, ’51 (Savoy 828) (Book listed as Marshalls (Bill Cook & The).

Marshans – I Remember/ It’s Almost Tomorrow, ’64 (Etiquette 8) (Label #added.)

Marvin Phillips & His Men From Mars – Old Man’s Blues/ Wine Woogie, ’52 (Specialty 445) (Book dated N/A.)

Masked Marauders Album – I Am The Japanese Sandman (Rang Tang Ding Dong) (A Williams), ’69 (Deity LP 6378 (1-4)) (Book dated N/A.)                        

Matadores (Mexico) (Frankie Y Los Matadores) – Una Chico Como Tu-With a Girl Like You-, ‘67 (Peerless 9012) (Book listed as ‘Matadors’ and dated N/A.)

Matches – Gonna Build Myself A Castle/ She Laughed At Me, ’65 (Jaguar 712) (Book dated N/A.  Dated as/45cat.)

Maureen Terry (w The Elegents [sic] Orchestra) – There’s A Boy/ Who Ever You Are [sic], ’64 (Maria 102) (Scan is two words for Whoever.) 

Mello-Tone Three (Little ‘E’ & The) – Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Candy Apple Red Impala, ’61 (Falco 302) (Scans found.)

Mellowlarks – Farewell To You My Nancy/ Sing A Silly Sing Song, ’57 (Argo 5285) (Label scans confirm group spelling and titles.)

Melodettes as Norman Dunlap (w Maxwell Davis) (& The Melodettes) – A Dream And A Prayer/ It’s Easy To Remember, ’53 (Aladdin 3213) (78rpm scan image found for ‘It’s Easy To Remember.)

Melody Makers – Let’s Make Love Worth While/ Carolina Moon, ’57 (Hollis 1001) (Artist credit change.)

Melvettes – Take One Step/ Quiet Now, ’63 (Tela-Star 110) (Book dated N/A.)

Melvin Smith (ref Nite Riders) – Open The Door Richard/ Zaki Sue, ’58 (Cameo 135)

Members (Wayne Marshall & The) – Tell Me Who/ Her Final Letter, ’65 (Josie 937) (Label # corrected)

Meter-Tones (Vocal-Curtis Smith) (ref Piano Red) – Talk To Me/ Believe In Me, ’59 (Jax 1002)

Metrics – Wishes/ I Found You, ’66 (Chadwick 101) (Book dated 1964.)

Mickey Tillman (BB Sheppards-uncredited) – Dear Mom And Dad/ I Have Chosen You, ’58 (Vee Jay 296)

Middletones as Melrose Colbert (The Middletones) – Ain’t Gonna Waste No Tears On You/ Life Is Too Short, ’55 (Cadillac 156) (Book omitted Melrose Colbert credit.)

Midnight Raiders (Mills Allen & His) – Here It Is/ Dorothy Jane, ’65 (Black Gold 304) (Book listed as ‘Midnite Raiders.’)

Mifflin Triplets – I Do/ Someone Should Have Told Me, ’58 (Ember 1045) (Artist spelling correction.)

Mighty Mello Tones – Beams Of Heaven/ I Want To Be Right (Honey B 1017) (Artist spelling change.)

Mike Anthony (& Group) – Little Linda/ My Secret Heartbeat, ’61 (Imperial 5813) (Scan is ‘Heartbeat‘ not ‘Heartache’ as/book listing.)

Mike Donato (Acc by Tridels) – Summertime Love/ Dora (PM 0101) (Book dated N/A.)

Minorbops – Need You Tonight/ Want You For My Own, ’57 (Lamp 2012) (B-side title change/ scan.)

Miracle-Tones – Tell Me My Darling/ Mambo Train, ’58 (J And M 5803) (Artist spelling changed.  Label name correction.)

Mission Belles – Sincerely/ When A Girl Really Loves You, ’65 (London 9760) (Artist spelling correction.)

Mon-Claires – Please Come Back/ Baby Sue, ’62 (Joey 6101) (Artist spelling correction.)

Mondells (Johnny Cole & The) – No Love/ Lonely One, ’72 (Saluda 5106) (Scans found.)

Monitors (Detroit) – A Boy Friend’s Prayer/ Nita, ’58 (Circus 219) (A-side title change.)

Montagues – School Rock/ Teenagers Are Really Hep, ’95 (Early Bird 002) (Recorded 02-10-58)

Moonbeams (Pittsburgh) – Don’t Go Away/ A Lover’s Plea, ’59 (Great 100) (Artist and Label spelling correction.)

Moonglows (ft Harvey) – She’s All Right With Me, ’77 (Monogram 128) (Scan found.  The flip ‘Someone For Everyone’ is by The Avons.)

Moonglows Moon Glows – In The Still Of The Nite/ I Pray For Love, ’73 (Relic 1024) (Scan is Moon Glows.)

Morning Echoes – Dear Mother/ Somebody Bigger Than You And I, ’51 (Premium 877) (B-side added.)

Morris Fontain (& Group) – Cryin’ My Heart Out/ Juicin’ And Goofin’, ’54 (Savoy 1139) (Book misspelled artist as Fountain.)

Mr Undertaker – Here Lies My Love {I}, ’55 (Music City 790) (Flip ‘W-P-L-J’ is by 4 Deuces.)

Mulcays (Jimmy & Mildred) – I Got The Blues/ Lili Marlene, ’57 (Trans-World 719) (Book listed as Mulrays.)

Musical Notes (Bill Johnson & His) – When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver/ Let’s Walk, ’54 (Tru-Blue 414) (B-side added.)


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