K (Unlisted Artists)

Kenny & The Cadets – Barbie/ What Is A Young Girl Made Of, ’62 (Randy 422) (Beach Boy Related-Lead Brian Wilson)

Kenny Chandler (& Group) – Wait For Me/ Heart, ’63 (Laurie 3158) (Artist name corrected.) [See comment for more info about this artist.]

Keynoters – Who Does She Think She Is (Live At The Apollo-1956-The Keynoters Vocal Quartet), ’75 (Vanguard 9093) (Scan found.)

Kingsfive – I Hear The Rain/ The Voodoo Man, ’59 (Trophy 9) (Not Kings Five.)

Kit Kats – Cold Walls/ You’re No Angel, ’65 (Lawn 249) (B-side title correction.)

Kitty White & The Mellomen – If You’ll Only Take The Time/ Someone Like Joe, ’55 (Century 711) (No scans found, but both sides play on youtube.)

Knight Beats (Providence RI) – We’re Travelin’/ Hey Girl, ’62 (Planet 55) (Artist credit change.)

Knightcaps (Jerry Dallman & The) – The Bug/ Honey Bee, ’58 (Punch 6000) (Artist credit completed.)

Knockouts May’s – You Are Laughing/ Sweet Talk, ’60 (Cos-De 1003-4) (Artist credit corrected.)

Kookie Beavers – (How Much Is That) Doggie In The Window/ Three Little Fishes, ’60 (Gone 5086) (A-side title change.)

Kool Toppers – Is That Exactly What You Wanta’ Do/ Cause I Love You So, ’55 (Beverly 702) (A-side title correction.)

Krantztones – Zoop/ 1. Why Do Fools Listen To Ronnie 1-Jingle & 2. Crystal Ball-Jingle (Two Radio Jingles For WHBI), ’80 (Crystal Ball 140) (Completed titles.)


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