Little Sammy (Hagen & Rozzi)

Little Sammy (Hagen-Yates) (ref Premiers (LA) & Viscounts (LA)) – Can You Love Me/ Papa Did The Chicken, ’56 (Shade 1002)


Little Sammy (Rozzi) & The Tones (Philadelphia) – Christine/ Over The Rainbow, ’62 (Jaclyn 1161)

  • Promo scans have Christine on both sides.


Little Sammy Rozzi (Philadelphia) & The Guys (Bronx?) – Christine/ Over The Rainbow, ’63 (Pelham 722)

  • See comment.


3 thoughts on “Little Sammy (Hagen & Rozzi)

  1. The Original label is PELHAM & it states Little Sammy Rozzi & The Guys.(nothing about The Tones) It`s a black label with silver print.I think they are from THE BRONX because that`s where Pelham Bay is.

    • Thanks for your comment about the Pelham release. Scans I’ve seen match your description of the Pelham label, with a web search indicating a substantial value for it.

      The Pelham 722 ’Christine’ has been resung with new BVs. The lead on both pressings is Little Sammy Rozzi. I have only heard one version of the flip and have no way of knowing which release it is from. On your copy, is it different than the Jaclyn version?

      I changed the group’s location on ‘Little Sammy Rozzi & The Guys’, with a note to your comment.

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