Lincolns Groups

Lincolns (Brooklyn) – Madly In Love/ I Cried, ’57 (Aljon 113-114 & Bim Bam Boom 105, ’72)



Lincolns (NY Area) – Don’t Let Me Shed Any More Tears/ Pleasin’ You-Pleases Me, ’57 (Atlas 1100) (Dates found range from 1957-1959.)



Lincolns (East Harlem) – Baby, Please Let Me Love You/ Can’t You Go For Me, ’59 (Mercury 71553)

(As/, gms: Harold Anderson (lead), Willie Williams (tenor), John Anderson (baritone), and John Miro (bass and lead baritone).  Read his article for how the Lincolns cross paths with the Ospreys.)



Lincolns (NY Label) – Sometime Somewhere/ Sukiyaki Rocki, ’61 (Bud 113) (Scans found.)


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