Lil Greenwood

Lil Greenwood & The Four Jacks – My Last Hour, ’52 (Federal 12082)

Lil Greenwood & Little Willie & The Four Jacks  – Monday Morning Blues, ’52 (Federal 12082)


Lil Greenwood (Vocal by Lil Greenwood & The Four Jacks) – Grandpaw [sic] Can Boogie Too/ Never Again, ’52 (Federal 12093)


Lil Greenwood

– I’ll Go/ I’m Crying, ’54 (Federal 12158)

– Mercy Me/ All Is Forgiven, ’54 (Federal 12165)

No BB is credited on the label. Most sources say the BB is the Lamplighters and it does sound like them.  The book and a few others credit the BB as The Dominoes.)


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