L (Unlisted Artists)

LA Rays (w The Chancellors) – A Woman Like You/ Yesterday And You, ’63 (Arlen 517) (Group credit added.  Los Angeles)

Lady Jane & Verity (Female Duet) – A Junior At The Senior Prom/ The Slow Look, ’59 (Palette 5031) (No scan for B-side.  Book listed as ‘Slow Rock.’)

Lafayette & The LaSabres – Cure For Love/ Free Way {I}, ’60 (Port 70036) (Artist credit spelling corrected.)

Lalaretts (La La & The) – Gettin [sic] Ready For Freddy/ This Day Is Ours, ’63 (Elpeco 2922) (Artist/title correction.)

Larry Meadows (& Group) – Were [sic] Through/ Phyllis, ’59 (Strat-O-Lite 969) (A-side and label credit change.)

LC Cook (& Group) – Please Thing Of Me/ I’m Falling, ’59 (Checker 925) (No ‘e’ on Cook.)

LC Steels (& Group) – Come Back Betty/ Don’t Play No Woman For No Fool, ’61 (K 14) (Scans found.  See http://www.sirshambling.com/artists_2012/S/l_c_steels/index.php for more info on the artist.)

Lefemmes (Vic Cole & The) – Aut-a-mation (Has Takin’ [sic] My Place)/ Love Is No Stranger, ’61 (Varbee 5000-01) (Artist and A-side title completion)

Leo Price – Black Pepper, ’60 (Hull 736) {I} (The flip is ‘Just Wait And See’ by the (NY) Miller Sisters.)

Leopards (NY) (ref Joe Gowder-Mello-Harps) – Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie/ Valerie, ’63 (Leopard 5006)

Lexingtons (NYC) – My Honey Loves Another Guy/ Ba Ba Doo, ’63 (International 500) (A-side title correction.  Book listed as ‘Girl’)

Lil McKenzie (w The Four Students) – Run A’ Long [sic]/ The Others I Like, ’55 (Groove 0113) (A-side title corrected.)

Lincolns Quintett – Dream Of Romance/ Tell Me What Is Wrong, ’58 (Angle Tone 522) (Artist spelling.)

Linda Laine (w The Sinners) – Low Grades And High Fever/ After Today, ’64 (Tower 108) (Scan credits The Sinners as/post.)

Linda Laurie (BB Del Satins-uncredited) – Stay-At-Home Sue/ Lazy Love, ’62 (Rust 5042) (Other pressings of ‘Lazy Love’ are credited only to Glen Stuart Orch.)

Litterbugs – Valerie/ Charlypso, ’63 (Okeh 7164) (B-side title change.)

Little Beavers (Jimmy Briscoe & The) – Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ Sugar Brown, ’71 (Atlantic 2822) (Artist name and b-side title change.)

Little Jerry (Williams) (& Group) – (I’ll Always Remember) Chapel On The Hill/ I’m So Mad, ’62 (Aldo 502) (A-side title change.)

Little Johnny McCall (& Group) – My Love I Can’t Hide/ Half Ton Tillie, ’61 (Wow 1000 & Donna 1334) (Book listed as Little J.  A-side scan found for Donna label.)

Little Leon Payne (& Group) – History Of Love/ King Of The Hills, ‘62 (Daco 701-702) (Book dated N/A.)

Little Maxine Simmons (& Group) – Since I Lost You/ In You Baby In You, ’61 (Varbee 117-118) (Book dated N/A.)

Little People (Mike Lyman & The) – Message To Pretty/ I Need You, ’66 (Emanon 101) (Book spelled as Lynam.  Artist name change.)

as Big Jay McNeely (Vocal by Little Sonny Warner) – I Love You, Oh Darling/ Oh, What A Fool, ’60 (Swingin’ 627)

Lloyd London (w The Yachtsmen) – Cry Baby/ Will There Ever Be A Girl For Me, ’59 (Destiny 530) (B-side title change.)

Lor Crane (& Group) – Hey, Cleopatera [sic]/ When I Lay Me Down To Sleep, ’61 (Radiant 1512) (A-side title change.)

Lornettes – His Way With The Girls/ Down The Block And Up To Heaven, ’65 (Gallio 110) (Book listed label as Gallico.)

Louis Hobbs (& Group) – Mama, Mama, Mama/ All That Heaven Sent, ’62 (Buddy-Buddy 460) (Book dated N/A.)

Love Larks – Diddle-Le-Bom/ More And More, ’58 (Mason’s 3-070-1 & Fellatio 301) (No scan for Fellatio B-side.)

Lovejoys (ref Leola Jiles & Ella Jamerson) – It’s Mighty Nice/ Payin’ (For The Wrong I’ve Done), ’64 (Tiger 105 & Red Bird 10-003) (Red Bird #10-003 is also used for a release by the Jelly Beans.)

Lucky Clark (& Group) – Two Kind [sic] Of People/ So Sick, ’61 (Chess 1782) (Book listed wrong Chess #.)

Lucy Rivera (& Group) – Make Me Queen Again/ IFIC, ’59 (End 1041) (Ref Love Notes (NY). 

Lula Reed as Lulu Reed and Freddy [sic] King (ref Freddie King) – It’s Easy, Child, ’62 (Federal 12477) (Flip is ‘Say Hey Pretty Baby’ asby Lulu Reed & Her Little Teeners.)

Luvs – We Kiss In The Shadow/ You [sic] Used To Be, ’63 (Stallion 1002) (Also found 1965 dating from other sources.)

Lyn Earlington (& Group) – Love Drops/ My Last Phone Call, ’62 (LeMonde 1501) (Label name correction.)

Lynn Hope & Orchestra – Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me/ Move It {I}, ’52 (Aladdin 3155) (Artist credit change.)


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