Johnson Brothers Groups

Johnson Brothers (ref Souvenirs) – Casting My Spell/ Zombie Lou, ’59 (Valor 2006)


As members of the Souvenirs, the following were listed in the book as Souvenirs (Los Angeles).

Souvenirs (Los Angeles)

– Double Dealing Baby, ’56 (Dootone 392 & Dooto LP 224, ’57)

(Scans for the #392 flip is by Don Julian & The Meadowlarks.  As/ Marv Goldberg, Double Dealing Baby was unreleased.)

– So Long Daddy/ Alene Sweet Little Texas Queen, ’57 (Dooto 412)



Five Johnson Brothers as Johnson Brothers – Sleep With A Dream (reissue)/ Happy Rock ‘N Roll (reissue), ’70 (Carrie 012)

(In error the book listing for Johnson Brothers included this group with the two Los Angeles Johnson Brothers.)


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