Johnny Rand (& Groups)

Matadors (PA) (ft John Lopacinski) – Should I Ever Love Again/ Please Say (You Want Me), ’65 (Lee 5466)

(The book dated 1963.  John Lopacinski is Johnny Rand.)


JR & The Attractions – I’m Yours/ Bristol Stomp, ’66 (Hunch 928)

(The book dated 1965.  Most sources date 1967 and a source says it was recorded in 1966.  J. R. is Johnny Rand.)


Johnny Rand – I’m Yours, ’69 (Keno 928)

Johnny Rand (w Ferrante And Teicher) – Exodus, ’69 (Keno 928)

The book dated 1965.  Some sources date 1967 and a discography dates 1969.


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