J (Unlisted Artists)

Jac-O-Lacs (ref Cornel Gunter, Pete Fox & Obie Jessie-Flairs) – Cindy Lou/ Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo, ’55 (Tampa 103)

Jack Edwards (& Group) – When We Get The Word/ All Night Long, ’63 (Michele 508) (These titles are also released on Michele #506 asby The Relations.  I’ve heard the Relations cuts but not those by Jack Edwards.)

Jags (Steve Carl With The) – Curfew/ 18 Year Old Blues, ’58 (Meteor 5046) (Title correction.)

Jamecos (ft Diana Tyler & Nat Brown) – Most Of All/ Second Hand Love, ’65 (Jameco 2004)

James Stallcup & The Flairs (Texas) – Baby, Let’s Make Love/ Sad Feeling, ’61 (Le Cam 724) (Scans found.)

Jay Cee’s – Just Say The Word/ The Waddle, ’62 (Enjoy 1004) (Artist is/ scan.)

Jay Dee Bryant & The Kiddie-Os – Don’t Stop Now/ I Want To Know (Do You Want Me), ’61 (Alfa 201) (Artist and title corrections.)

Jean Mays (& Group) – Dew Drop Inn/ He Makes Me Feel So Crazy, ’64 (Diamond 170) (Artist name correction.)

Jeanettes (Gene & The) – Hey Lover/ Your Star, ’63 (Fortune 565) (Scans found. Title correction)

Jeff & The Gino’s (ref Gino Sisters) – One Summer In A Million/ Let Me Out, ’63 (Mercury 72138)

Jelly Beans – I’m Hip To You/ You Don’t Mean Me No Good [sic], ’65 (Eskee 001) (Title correction.)

Jerome’s – Rocking Chair Song/ Getting Even, ’61 (Dar 300) (Artist spelling correction.  No a-side scan found.)

Jerry Amato (& Group) – Dream On Little Fool/ When I Met You, ’62 (Tacit 109) (Book dated N/A.)

Jerry Thomas & The Rhythm Rockers (Louisiana) – Baby Please/ Tell Me, ’58 (Khoury’s 708) (Group name added.)

Jim Mitchum (& Group) – Lonely Birthday/ Oh, What A Wonderful Feeling, ’60 (20th Fox 277) (Label name correction.)

Jimmie Mack & The Watts (Female) – I Believe I Love You/ True Lover Girl, ’60 (Gee 1056) (Book spelled as ‘Jimmy’.)

Jimmy Allen (BV Two Jays) – My Girl Is A Pearl/ Forgive Me, My Darling, ’59 (Al-Brite 1200)

Jimmy Carter & The Dollettes – Teen Queen/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’61 (Cayce 2002) (Scans found.)

Jimmy Dockett (& Group) – How Hurt I Am/ So Glad I Met You, ‘67 (Camille 3002) (B-side and date added as/45cat.)

Jimmy Love (& Group) – (Ghee Chee Woman) Way Down In New Orleans/ Let Me Down Easy, ’63 (Violet 1052) (Title correction.)

Jimmy Milner (& Group) – A Place In Your Heart/ Is It Fair, ’59 (Ember 1052) (Title correction.)

Jimmy Ricks – Ol’ Man River/ Oh! What A Feeling, ’66 (Festival 703)

Jimmy Witherspoon (BB The Lamplighters-uncredited) – Sad Life/ Move Me Baby, ’53 (Federal 12156)

Jimmy Wright & His Orch – C’est La Vie {I}, ’56 (Rama 194) (Vocal flip by the Wrens (ft Bobby Mansfield) (BV The Valentines-uncredited)

Jo-Ann Alston (& Group) – He Left Me Crying/ Looking Like A Fool, ’63 (Vest 8001) (Artist credit change.)

Joe Cenna & Orchestra – Peter Gunn, ’59 (Bell 108) {I} (Flip is ‘Since I Don’t Have You’ by the Round Robins.)

Joe Houston as ‘The Fabulous’ Joe Houston – Shtiggy Boom/ Joe’s Gone {I}, ’55 (RPM 426) (Artist change.)

Joe Medwick (& Group) – Searching In Vain/ Johnny Brown, ’59 (Duke 311) (Book listed as Joe Medlin.)

Joey Brooks (w Frank Matis Orch) – I Have Waited/ Good-Bye, Goodbye, ’59 (Canadian American 105) (Book listed as part of the Envoys who recorded on #104 as Bill Tally & The Envoys.)

John Reed (& Group) (Louisiana) – Yeah Little Girl (You Look Good To Me)/ Darling Please (Fore 41) (Book dated N/A.)

John Shaw & The Dell-O’s (Bahamas Label) – Why Did You Leave Me/ Why Does It Have To Be Her, ’58 (U-C 5002 (BMI 1022/1031)) (Recorded in Nassau.)

Johnnie Taylor (& Group) – Never Never/ Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day), ’62 (Sar 131) (Book spelled as ‘Johnny’.)

Johnny Cabott (& Group) – Night And Day/ On My Own Again, ’62 (Columbia 42283) (Book spelled as Johnny Cabot.)

Johnny Jason & The Shadettes – Be There/ Last Year’s Christmas Tree (Romantic 101-102)

Johnny Mendell credited as Gil & His Premiers (Vocal Johnny Mendell) – Pretty Little Rita/ Please Be My Love, ’62 (Jamie 1214)

Johnson 3 + 1 – High School Queen/ Treatment For The Cure, ’69 (Tangerine 1013) (Artist credit change.)

Joy Jumpers (Jimmy Anderson & The) – I Wanna’ Boogie/ Angel Please, ’62 (Zynn 1014) (Artist change.)

Julius McMichael as Mack Starr & The Mellows – Drifting Apart/ Oh My Love, ’62 (Cub 9117) (The Mellows are a female group.)

Jupiters (Henry Sawyer & The) – I Want/ It Takes Two, ’57 (Planet X 9621) (Artist completion.  Book dated 1958.)

Juveniles (ref Twilights/Embers (Bronx)) – Beat In My Heart/ I’ve Lied, ’58 (Mode 1) (As/ record sleeve, the group was brought together by New York City Youth board workers. … three of the boys were members of different hostile street gangs.)


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