Freeloaders Groups

Freeloaders (Harlem) (Bobby Sue & Her) – It Takes A Lot Of Love/ Relief Check, ’55 (harlem 2335)


Freeloaders (Milwaukee) as Freddie & The Freeloaders – Say It, ’63 (M And M 1263)

Freeloaders (Milwaukee) as Little Prince & The Freeloaders – Nursery Love, ’63 (M And M 1263)


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  1. Freddie & The Freeloaders on A&M were from Milwaukee. I show their A&M 45 as 12/69 (which puts them into 1950-69 WI coverage). It was positively not any later than 1/70. Many members went through the band & lead singer Fred Bliffert did additional recording, including a 1981 45 on TK with Betty Wright.

    • The post separates the artist credits on the label. The book listed both as ‘Little Prince & The Freeloaders’ and dated 1973, which might have been a typo. Using the 45cat dating as 1963 which fits into the M and M discography. Thanks for the extra info.

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