Four Stars/ Four-Stars Groups

Four Stars (Unknown Group) – Win Or Lose/ Honey I Could Fall In Love, ’54 (King 1382)

  • First edition, promo, white label scans found for both sides.
  • Writing credits: Rand-Stewart-Doll/ Jerry Wilson.


Four Stars (Chester PA) (Piano Milton Harris Jr) – My Sentimental Heart/ The Chapel By The Sea, ’58 (Kay-Y 66781)


Four-Stars (Los Angeles) – Play It Again/ Blues At Sandy Cove, ’61 (Bamboo 512)


2 thoughts on “Four Stars/ Four-Stars Groups

  1. Hello.

    My dad is one of the original FOUR STARS doo wop group of Chester Pa. His name is William brown and is 82 years old. Thank God in good health. He is looking to find a copy of their records. Especially Sentimental heart and Chapel by the sea on the Kay y records . Can you assist? Their pianist Dr. Milton Harris is still alive and well also. They both still reside in Chester.

    • Beautiful song! The Chapel By The Sea is again available on youtube (01/10/2020) @ The site also has a couple of studio pictures of the group.

      Edit 01/10/2020: Dead link for collectorsfrenzy.

      I’ve adjusted the post to include Milton Harris who was also featured on the label. It is a pleasure to hear from you and know that your dad and Milton are still doing well. Thank them being such a huge part of our music tradition. I hope the above links help you find copies of their work.

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