Five Playboys

Five Playboys

– Pages Of My Scrapbook/ Love Me Right, ’57 (Fee Bee 213)

– Pages Of My Scrapbook/ When We Were Young, ’57 (Fee Bee 213)


Five Playboys (w Billy Kimes Combo) – Pages Of My Scrapbook, ’57 (Dot 15605)

Five Playboys (w Mike Simpson Combo) – When We Were Young, ’57 (Dot 15605)


as 5 Playboys – Angel Mine/ She’s My Baby, ’58 (Fee Bee 232)


Five Playboys – Why Be A Fool/ Time Will Allow, ’58 (Mercury 71269)


as 5 Playboys – She’s My Baby/ Mr Echo, ’59 (Petite 504, ’59)


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