Five Chords Groups

Five Chords (Newark NJ) (ft Johnny Jones) – Love Is Like Music (Do Re Mi)/ Don’t Just Stand There (Do Something), ’58 (Jamie 1110)

(As/ the gms are: Johnnie Jones (Lead), Keine Angabe, Ruby Martin, Barbara Theresa Ann Martin.



Five Chords (Terre Haute Indiana) as 5 Chords – I Need Your Loving/ Bedilia Brown, ’61 (Soma 1151)

(Not listed in the book.  Writing Credits Jack Lewis/Arley Price and Harry Kellett/Jack Lewis.)


Five Chords (Terre Haute Indiana)

– Red Wine/ Jeannie, ’61 (Cuca 1031) (Writing credits: H Kellet, J Lewis,  Woodward.)

– Sally/ Chicago, ’64 (Macon 104) (Not in book.)


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  1. The Five Chords on Soma are the same as the band on Cuca, and they also had a 45 on Macon & and LPs on Boom & Paris Tower. They were from Terre Haute, IN & toured the US. Members: Jackie Lewis, Arly Price, Harry Kellett, Jerry Woodward & Ron Derks, with a few later personnel changes.

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