F (Unlisted Artists)

Fabulous FiDels – Westside Boy-Eastside Girl/ Soul Street, ’64 (Jaa Dee 106) (Artist, title & label corrections.)

Fabulous Futura’s (Sacramento CA) – La Do Da Da/ When You Ask About Love, ’64 (Ikon Enterprises Production) (The title, ’What Have I Done’, is on comps as Fabulous Futuras.)

Fairmonts – Times And Places/ Lucky Guy, ’62 (Planet 53) (Book spelled as ‘Fairmounts.’)

Fanando’s – The One I Love/ She Must Be From A Different Planet, ’57 (Carter 2050) (Book spelled in error as Fandos.)

Fanatic’s – Oogly Googly Eyes/ Is There Still A Chance, ’61 (Skyway 127) (Book spelled without apostrophe.)

Fantastic Vantastics – Oh Happy Day (Tra-La-La)/ Gee What A Boy, ’65 (Tuff 406) (Written and arranged by Van McCoy.  Book misspelled as ‘Vontastics’.)

Fidelitys as Fidelity’s – The Things I Love/ Hold On To What’cha Got (And Get One More), ’58 (Baton 252) (On their other releases, the group credit is as ‘Fidelitys’.

Fifes (Edward Hamilton & The) – Call Me/ I’m Gonna Love You, ’67 (Jameco H118-119 (#2008)) (Book dated N/A).

Fingerpoppers (Tommy Williams & The) – The Feeling Is Real/ Strange Are The Ways Of Love, ’60 (Ultrasonic 111) (Scans found.  Book listed artist as ‘Ronny Williams.’)

Five Blacks (ref Herman Willis) – Forever In Love/ Come On, ’61 (B&C 100) (Scans found.)

Five Bob-O-Links (NJ) – Trying/Mailman Blues, ’52 (Okeh) (No info found.)

Five Cashmeres as The V Cashmeres – Walkin’ Through The Jungle/ The Hitchhiker, ’62 (Golden Leaf 108) (Scan found for a-side as The V Cashmeres.)

Five Dapps – Do Whop A Do/ You’re So Unfaithful, ’58 (Brax 207-208) (Book spelled as Five Daps.  Sources say Johnnie Mae Matthews-Lead.)

Five Fortunes as 5 Fortunes – You Are My Love/ Time Out For Love, ’58 (Ransom 103) (Scans found as 5 Fortunes.)

Five G’s – Forget Her/ I Think I Know, ’59 (Washingtonian 200043) (Release # added.)

Five Glow Tones as 5 Glow Tones – At A Dance/ Quiet Village, ’59 (Jax 101) (Scans found as 5 Glow Tones.)

Five Hungry Men – We Belong Together/ Bustin’ Rocks, ’67 (Melmar 122) (This is garage rock.  Book listed Melmar releases with 1964 date.)

Larks (Durham NC-NY) as Five Larks – Coffee, Cigarettes And Tears/ My Heart Cries For You, ’51 (Apollo EP1177-A & Apollo 1177) (see related comment.)

Five Peaks as 5 Peaks – Sittin’ On The Porch/ Hair-Net, ’87 (Jay-R 100) (A link on 45cat under this group’s name, directs toward the history of the song, ‘Sittin’ On The Porch’.)

Five Speeds as 5 Speeds – Goodbye/Tell Me, ’59 (Wiggie 131A/AA) (Scans found.)

Five Splendors – The Elephant Walk/ Your Dog Hate Me [sic], ’61 (Stroll 106)

Five Tech-Niques (Evie & The) [sic] – Don’t Tell Me/ Heaven Above, ’61 (Imperial 5742)

Flame Tones (Richard Willams & The) – Oldies But Goodies (Make Me Want To Fall In Love)/ Little Sister Nell, ’72 (Bell 192) (A-side title completion.)

Flaming Hearts (Inst Tornadoes) (Ft Pierce Florida) – Baby/ I Don’t Mind, ’58 (Vulco V-1) (Other sources date 1960.)

Flashes (Jess Davis With Freddie Flynn & The) – With All My Heart And Soul/ Come What May, ’59 (bob-o-link-100-101) (Label name is lower case.)

Fleettones – Your Lover Man/ Please Tell Me, ’61 (Bandera 2511) (Book listed as Fleetones.)

4 After 5s (ref Lamplighters Singers) – Hello, Schoolteacher/ I Gotta Have Somebody (Lonely Boy), ’61 (All Time 9076) (The book listed as Four After Fives.  B-side scan isas 4 after 5s.)

Four Beats (Donn Bruce And) – Love Leads A Fool/ Let’s Start All Over Again, ’56 (Tuxedo 914)

4 Beaus – Partners Paradise/ Tight Shoes, ’59 (Todd 1028) (Scans are The 4 Beaus.)

Four Clippers (w The Band of Lucky Lee) (Fox-Detroit) – You Can’t Trust A Woman/ Rain, ’57 (Fox 960-961)

4 Closures – Maybe/ Rock-A-My Soul, ’58 (Specialty 643) (Scans found as 4 Closures.)

4 Cousins as Billy Murray & The 4 Cousins & Joe Kuhn Quintet) – Time And Time Again/ Guaranteed, ’55 (20th Century 5020) (Scans found.)

4 Escorts (Dave Passerallo & The) (Painesville Ohio) – By The Fire/ Baby, Where Are You, ’61 (Bi-Mi 102) (Scans found.)

Four Esquires (Boston) – Can’t Help Falling In Love/ The Merry-Go-Rounds Of Rome, ’62 (Terrace 7502) (B-side title correction.)

Four Exceptions – A Sad Goodbye/ You Got The Power, ’66 (Parkway 986) (B-side title added.)

Four Locks – A Little Bit Of Soap, ’67 (Uptown 761) (Book listed, using same label # as Four Larks.  No information was found for ‘A Little Bit Of Soap’ by the Four Locks.)

Four Pip’s & a Pop – For You/ Teenage Rock, ’59 (Mercedes 5001) (No B-side scan found.)

Four Sevilles error – Heartbeat (Rainbow 157) (Listing error – Rainbow 157 is for Four Sensations.)

Four Shots as The 4 Shots – Get Off The Fence Hortence/ Love Hit Me And I Hollered, ’55 (Cadillac 154) (Scans found.)

Four Tiers as Jim Kemper (Music by The Renegades) (Vocal Group Four Tiers) – I’m Free To Chose [sic]/ Lonely And Blue For Kathie, ’64 (Le-Mans 2) (Title changes.)

Four Trumps – I’ve Waited All My Life For You/ Riders In The Sky, ’58 (Mira 2050) (Book listed in error as Four Triumphs.  B-side title change.)

The 4 Wheels – Uh-Huh (The Night)/ Come On Baby (Little Lover), ’92 (Park Avenue 6) (Label info: Recorded 1961.)

Franciscans – Mother Please Answer Me/ Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea, ’64 (JimBo 4001) (Book dated N/A.)

Frankie Grier Quartet – Oh Gloria/ Lonesome For You, ’58 (Swan 4019) (Book has ‘actually the Signatures’ but no information was found to support this claim.)

Frankie Tyler (ref Frankie Valli-Pre Four Seasons) – I Go Ape/ If You Care, ’58 (Okeh 7103 & Seasons 4 Ever)

Freddy Cannon & The Belmonts – Your Mama Ain’t Always Right/ Let’s Put The Fun Back In Rock N Roll, ’81 (Mia Sound 1002)

Freddy King [Not the Blues Singer] – Fortune Teller/ Lonesome Old World, ’57 (Roulette 7003)

Fugitives (Delna Lee (w The)) – One Year Today/ Big Man (That Ain’t Love, It Ain’t Right), ’65 (Fabor 141) (Book dated 1957.  B-side title completed.)


3 thoughts on “F (Unlisted Artists)

  1. The Fabulous Futura’s were led by Gary Baermann (aka Gary Dee) while he was serving military duty in Marysville, CA. He later had different lineup of Futuras in Milwaukee with a 45 on Rampro.

  2. about the larks(north carolina group):i recently discover an lp listed by the selah singers in 1962.the larks used this name in their early years when they made a gospel concert.so the larks in a 1962 are a longtime disbanded,who is this group?
    i’m sure they’re other selah singers who recorded in the early fifties for the label in don’t remenber the name but they’re a cover on the single and its a white mixte group,(é men and a female singer)… INFO NEEDED
    ps:unca marvin said nothig about he larks after circa 1955

    • Info found for the The Selah Singers who recorded for the ‘gospel’ label in Newark NJ is @ https://discogs.com/artist/2751566-The-Selah-Singers. This group can be cross-referenced to releases on ‘gospel.’ The 1962 album front cover shot is of a male quartet. Group member were not found.

      It is possible there is some aged-facial similarity between these four members and the five ‘Jubilee’ Selah Singers (identified on various photos.) If the ‘gospel’ group contains members of the ‘Jubilee’ group, they would be a reformed group on that label. Neither discographies for the Larks (Durham NC) by Marv Goldberg or a site @ rockabilly.nl/references/messages/larks.htm connect these groups.

      There is another group of ‘The Selah Singers’ from Richmond Virginia, formed in 1969. An album photo of them is available on Discogs. This is a group of mixed male/female singers.

      Hope the above info helps.

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