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Eternals as Enternals – Rockin’ In The Jungle/ Rock ‘N’ Roll Cha-Cha, ’59 (Hollywood 68-69)



– Rockin’ In The Jungle/ Rock ’N’ Roll Cha-Cha, ’59 (Hollywood 68-1-69)

– Babalu’s Wedding Day/ My Girl, ’59 (Hollywood 70-1/71-2 (reissue 70-71) & Musictone 1110, ’61)

– Rockin In The Jungle/ Rock’N’ Roll Cha Cha ’61 (Musictone 1111)

– Blind Date/ Today, ’61 (Warwick 611)

– Bablu’s [sic] Wedding Day/ My Girl, ’63? (Musicnote 1110)


From Bronx NY.  As/youtube gms: Charlie Girona (Lead), Fred Hodge (First Tenor), Ernie Sierra (Second Tenor), Arnie Torres (Baritone) & Alex Miranda (Bass).




Eternals (Winnipeg, Manitoba) – Come Go With Me/ Love Me With All Your Heart, ’67 (Quality 1884)

(For more about this Eternals group, see


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