Equallos/ Gods

Equallos formerly? Equalos – Yodelin [sic]/ Patty-Patty, ’59 (Mad 1296)

  • Lead: Willie Logan.
  • Group members needed for Equallos and Equalos.


Equallos (ft Occie Logan) – In Between Tears, ’62 (M And M M-30)

Equallos (ft Willie Logan) – Beneath The Sun, ’62 (M And M M-30)

The label discographer has confirmed the date of 1962 rather than 1955 as listed in the book.


as Gods (Formerly the ‘Equallos’) – In Between Tears/ Beneath The Sun, ’75 (Romantic Rhythm 102)

  • Reissue.


4 thoughts on “Equallos/ Gods

    • The book separated the Equalos from the Equallos/Gods. Instrumentally, they do sound like different groups. Vocally, Willie Logan is on three sides. I’ve added the Equalos to the post.

      Thanks for the Equalos and the Willie Logan-connected Plaids links.

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