Embertones (Bay 203)

Embertones (Music-Tony Agbay & The Continentals) – Falling For You/ I Remember, ’62 (Bay 203)

  • Scan for ‘I Remember’ found.
  • Dating according to Disco-File is 1960.


The Embertones version of ‘I Remember’ is roughly 2:31.

  • While I can no longer find the site (02/21/20), a comment on youtube said:  “Demo made in 1959 by Duane Corriveau, Peter Thompson, Eddie Bercume and Richard Gaudette of David Prouty High School in Spencer, MA. Backup by Duckie Dee. The studio was in Springfield.”


The Gerry & The Gems ‘I Remember’ version runs at 2:04.

  • It was issued on Bay #210 in 1963.


The 1958 Five Discs version of ‘I Remember’ runs at 2:00.


All are different versions.