Emanons Groups

Emanons (Brooklyn-NY)

– We Teenagers (Know What We Want)/ Dear One, ’58 (Winley 226 & ABC 9913)

– Connie/ Buzz Buzz (Connie-Unreleased)

(The book and  whitedoowopcollector.blogspot.com/2013/05/group-history6.html, connect these two groups.)



Emanons (Bop Group) – Old Man River {I}/ Emanons Rock, ’60 (Delbert 5290)



Emanons (Unknown Group) – You Know I Miss You/ Cow-Cow-Dully-Wah (live) (GGS 443) (No scans found.)



Concepts (Detroit) & The Emanons – ‘Cry’ (Only You Cry Alone)/ The Sway (J&J 3000)


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