Elegant Four

Elegant Four – I’m Tired/ Time To Say Goodbye, ’65 (Cousins 1005)

Elegant Four – Time To Say Goodbye/ I’m Tired, ’65 (Mercury 72516)


Book listed as Elegant IV and dated the Cousins label as 1961.

  • Cousins #1005 was also used for The Dreamers (Because Of You/Little Girl) and dated 1961.


The Elegant Four on Cousins #1005 have a Garage Rock sound.

  • Information found says the sides were first released on Cousins, then on Mercury.
  • The correct Cousins date should likely be 1965.


The group became ‘Wendigo’ who also recorded on Cousins #1010 (1967) (Gimme Some Lovin’ – Part 1/Gimme Some Lovin’ – Part 2.)