El Caminos (Seattle)

El Caminos (Seattle) (w Woody Karr) – My Woman/ I’m A Hog For You Baby, ’64 (Camelot 107)

(Scans found.  See comment.)


El Caminos (Seattle) (Woody Carr & The) – My Woman (Norton 838) (A-side ‘Trick Bag’ by the Artesians.)

El Caminos (Mr Lee & The) – Portland Jive/ (My Darling) I Love You, ’64 (Nolta 355)

(No scans found.  Nolta is a sister label to Seafair Records.


(Despite the book’s mixed-up errors, the info at nwmusicarchives.com/label/camelot-records/, straightens up the artists, titles and labels.)


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