Eddie Williams Groups

Except for the Coronado label (listed as Eddie Williams & The Shieks), the book did not separate any of the artists named Eddie Williams.

  • There are more artists with this name the book did not list.


Eddie Williams (Hollywood) (& Group) – Never Too Late/ Just One More, ’60 (R-Dell 114)

  • Location based on Aardell label.


Eddie Williams (Unknown Origin) (& Group) – Tears Had Fallen/ Should Pretending End, ’64 (Corsair 402)

  • No scan for b-side.
  • Label does not have location info.


Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) – You Left Your Happiness (Here In My Room), ’64 (Coronado 112) 

Eddie Williams (Odessa Texas) (Voc Gr The Sheiks) – I Just Can’t Help Myself, ’64 (Coronado 112)


Eddy Williams (LA) (& Group) – Have A Heart/ Dancing Shoes, ’63 (Alcor 2013)

  • Book spelled as Eddie.