Eddie Carroll Groups

The book separated Eddie Carrol & The Montclairs (Philadelphia), Eddie Carroll (Los Angeles) and Eddie Carroll (Memphis).   They are three different artists.


Eddie Carroll & The Montclairs (Philadelphia) – Where Are You/ Wo-Wo-Baby, ’58 (Ru Lu 6098)

(Both sides play on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-B4diU_yeI.)


Eddie Carroll (& Group) (Los Angeles) – Rules Of Love/ Gone From Me, ’61 (Guyden 2046)

(vancouversignaturesounds.com/hits/gone-from-me-by-eddie-carroll/ shares his story.)


Eddie Carroll (& Group) (Memphis) – Wait Eternally/ I’m Sorry, ’62 (Santo 504)

(rocky-52.net/chanteursc/carroll_eddie.htm plays the a-side.)


2 thoughts on “Eddie Carroll Groups

  1. i’m not sure if it’s the same singer on the guyden sides.santo is a menphis label.
    i believe this guy recorded for sun rec in the 60’s,but these sides stay unissued)
    santo record had connection with sam phillips and sun records.

    • Your comments are reflected in the new post. (06-22-18). They are much appreciated.

      The Memphis Eddie Carroll has several other releases, none included in the book, but easily found.

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