E (Unlisted Artists)

Earth Boys – Space Girl/ Barbara Ann, ’58 (Capitol 4067) (Book listed as Earthboys.)

Earthmen (Florida) – Hey, Hands Off, She’s Mine/ It’s Gotta Be Love, ’67 (Tropical 123) (Book dated N/A.)

Earthquakes as Arlando King (w The Earthquakes) – Look What You [sic] Done/ Babu Only You, ’62 (Fortune 549) (Book spelled as ‘Armando’.)

Eddie Barnes (ref Cues) – Ol’ Man River/ Always Remember (Not To Forget), ’60 (Jubilee 5395)

Eddie Bartell & His Dukes Of Rhythm – I Mean Really, ’58 (Star-X 501) (B-side ‘Your Last Goodbye’ by The Fresando’s (w Eddie Bartell & His Dukes Of Rhythm).

Eddie Brian Group – Christmas Shopping/ Back To ’55, ’88 (BAB 130)

Eddie Bush & The Jaxon Playboys – Little Darling/ I’m Confused About You, ’57 (Jaxon 503) (Book listed with 1953 date.  #502 for Carl Mann is dated 1957.)

Eddie ‘Tex’ Curtis & His Orchestra – Prayer To The Moon/ Shake, Pretty Baby, Shake, ’54 (Gee 9)

Egyptians – Flippin’ Their Top/ That’s Alright, ’58 (Danae 1002)

El Caminos (Philadelphia) (Wayne Kelly & The) – Black Magic (A Capella)/ Darling Can’t We Talk (A Capella), ’65 (Fellatio 101)

El-Jays (Leo Wright & The) – It Is I/ I Wonder, ’64 (CB 5008 & Red Fox 103, ’65)

Elaine Gay (With The Five Harmonaires) – Rock Love/ Ebony Eyes, ’55 (DeLuxe 2029)

Eldees – Don’t Be Afraid To Love/ You Broke My Happy Heart, ’68 (Dynamics 1013)

Elena Marie (& Group) – Soldier Boy/ Blue Mood, ’62 (Geebee 01)

Ellingtons – My Story/ Hurry Home, ’64 (G-Clef 708) (No scans found for verification,)

Elliotts (Andre & The) – Willie Jones/ Willie Jones Got Married, ’62 (Barry 106) (Book spelled as Elliots.)

Eloise Trio – La Bomba/ Li’l Darlin’ (Carib 1032) (The book dated N/A.)

Empalas – It’s Been A Long Time/ Smoochin’ In The Sewer With Louie, ’58 (Mark V 501) (Info is that this is an Alabama label.  No scans found.)

En-Solids (Drake & The) – Please Leave Me/ I’ll Always Be There, ’67 (Alteen 8652)

Evels (Female) – The Magic Of Love/ Wonderful Guy, ’60 (Tra-X 14-15-Z)

Ex-Cel Five – Talk Is Cheap/ Dancing Girl, ’64 (Enith International 722)

Executive Four (w Jesse Powell Orch) – I Gotta Good Thing Going And I Ain’t Gonna Blow It/ You Are, ’65 (Lu-Mar 202) (Date confirmation is needed.)


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