Hurricanes (Brooklyn) (Related Credits)

The book’s Hurricane Groups listings are correct.  Marv Goldberg offers history and discography material.  The following posts, with a slight Hurricane’s member change, extend the Hurricanes/Memos not linked by the book.


Hurricanes (Brooklyn-uncredited) backing Jerry Dorn – Sentimental Heaven/ Wishing Well, ’56 (King 4932)


Hurricanes (Brooklyn-uncredited) backing Henry Alston

– Once In A Beautiful Lifetime/ I Dare You Baby, ’59 (Skyline 500)

– Once In A Beautiful Lifetime/ What Is There Left For Me, ’59 (Skyline 551)


Hurricanes (Brooklyn) as Memos

– I’m Going Home/ My Most Precious Possession, ’59 (Memo 5000-01)

– My Type Of Girl/ The Biddy Leg, ’59 (Memo 34891)


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