H (Unlisted Artists)

Harrison Freese (& Group) – Earth Angel/ Mary Lou, ’64 (Freshman 302) (Book dated N/A.)

Harvey Sisters – Kiss Of Love/ This Is The Same, ’62 (Newtime 512) (Book listed A-side as ‘Kiss Of Fire’)

Havens – Only Once/ Want You, ’63 (Poplar Record Company 123) (A-side title correction.)

Hawks (Arizona) (ref Don Cole) – A Little More Wine, My Dear {I}/ Fussy {I}, ’58 (Del-Fi 4108) (Sources say artist is from Phoenix.)

Hayward Lee & The Marauders – Mother Dear/ Hayward’s Hop, ’65 (Jet 329) (Label # and date added.)

Heart Attacks – Babba Diddy Baby/ I’m Angry, Baby, ’65 (Remus 5000-01)

Heartbeats (Phoenix) uncredited, backing Ritchie Hart – I Want You/ Choo Choo Train, ’60 (MCI 1025)

Heathens – The Other Way Around/ Problems, ’67 (Vibra 104) (B-side and date added.)

Hemlocks (Little Bobby Rivera & The) – Cora Lee/ Joys Of Love, ’57 (Fury 1004) (A-side on repo labels as ’Coralee.’)

Henry Brodie & The Red Toppers – All Night Jump, ‘61 (Dan 3214) (Flip is ‘I Never Had A Girl Like You’ by Lee Overby (w The Red Toppers).

Heptones – Annabell/ I’m So In Love Tonight, ’56 (Abbco 105) (Title correction on both sides.)

Herb Lance & Chorus – By The Candleglow/ You Can’t Be Sure Of Anything, ’57 (DeLuxe 6150) (BB as Classics is unconfirmed.)

Herman Griffin And The Rayber Voices – I Need You/ I’m So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha-Cha, ’59 (HOB 112) (These titles are also listed asby the Rayber Voices.)

Hi-Fi-Dels – Tricky-Tricky/ Did I Cry, ’61 (Atlantic 2121)

Hi-Larks – Mine/ Take A Hike, ’59 (Beat 0050) (Artist spelling correction.)

Hi-Tides (Mike Harris & The) – I’m So Proud/ I’m A Grimmie Baby, ’63 (Krimmie 0024)

Hi-Timers – You’re Everything/ Why Should We Keep On Pretending, ’59 (Sonic 1601) (Artist spelling and label # correction.)

Hi-Tombs – Sweet Rockin’ Mama/ Weeping Willow Rock {I}, ’60 (Cannon 832) (B-side added.  Dating/ RCS Artist Discography.)

Hi-Toppers (Vina James & The) – My Heart Is Not A Toy/ By And By My Love, ’61 (Kent 354) (Scan for A-side isas Vina James & The Hi-Toppers.  See comment below.)

Higgs & Wilson (w Ken Richards and His Comets) – When You Tell Me Baby/ Manny, Oh, ’60 (Time 1028) (Early Jamaican Ska.  A-side scan ‘When You Tell Me Baby’ found for Time 1028.  Scan for ‘Manny, Oh’ found for Time 1028 & Blue Beat records-England.)

Highlanders (Unreleased) – I Laughed, ’61 (Book lists as Highlands.  ‘I Laughed’ appears on the Doo-Wop & A Touch Of Soul CD as the Highlanders.  No connection was found to any other Highlanders group.)

Hill Sisters – Hit And Run Away Love/ Advertising For Love, ’59 (Anna 1103) (Book listed asby The Voice Masters on Anna #103.  There is a discussion on 45cat about #103 credited asby The Hill Sisters.)

Hitchhikers as Chuck Thomas (w Johnny & The Hitchhikers) – Why Baby/ Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide, ’64 (Band Box 360) (Most date Band Box in the 60s.  The book dated in the 50s.)

Hits (Tiny Tim & The) (ref Timothy Wilson) – Wedding Bells/ Doll Baby, ’58 (Roulette 4123)

Hollyhawks (ref Niki Sullivan-Crickets & Norman Petty) – I Cry All The Time/ When Came The Fall, ’63 (Jubilee 5441)

Honeycones (Ernie Cast & His) – Betty Morretti/ Cool It Baby, ’58 (Ember 1033) (Artist credit changed.)

Honeydreamers (Kirk Stuart With The) – The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues/ Gladly, ’58 (Josie 832) (Artist credit changed.)

Hoppers – Linda Loves Me/ Linda Loves Me, ’59 (Valley’s Meadowlark 104) (Flip is same name.  Knoxville Tennessee.  Label name correction.)

Horace Little (w the Bobby Edwards Band) – 500 Years/ Texas Stomp, ’62 (Ascot 2102) (Artist credit completion.  A-side title change.) 

Hornetts – Happy Boy/ Papa Knew, ’64 (Wand 153) (Book listed as Nornetts.)

Hot Rods (Nashville) (Little Shy Guy & The) – My Little Baby/ Let’s Rock And Roll, ’56 (Calvert 107) (B-side title added.)

Hot Tamales – Mr Starlight/ Love’s Inventions, ’64 (Detroit 101) (Label scan confirms ‘Inventions’ vs book listing as ‘Intentions.’)

Hound Dogs – I’m Beginning To Understand Them/ The Girl In The Bikini, ’64 (Dee Dee 733) (Label # correction plus complete b-side title.)


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  1. Hi-Toppers (Vina James & The) – My Heart Is Not A Toy/ By And By My Love, ’61 (Kent 354) (All spell as Hi-Toppers. No label scan was found.) label here http://www.rootsvinylguide.com/ebay_items/pop-45-vina-james-my-heart-is-not-a-toy-by-and-by-my-love also Billboard mag dec 30th 1957 https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=vx0EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA38&lpg=PA38&dq=%22VIna+James%22+kent+354&source=bl&ots=cArkNRX5Ym&sig=P7OQLtYZ6Ns2efz6x9WvRAJjyh4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=iGpXVbi5DsO6swHci4DICw&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22VIna%20James%22%20kent%20354&f=false

    [Unpenned 1:21] Thank you for the scan and book reference.

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