Gerry Granahan

Gerry Granahan (& Group) – Love’s Young Dream/ Oh Well-A-Watcha Gonna Do, ’58 (Mark 121)

(The titles were originally released asby [Nick Rome] an alias Granahan used.  The same # was used for the reissue under Granahan’s name.)


Gerry Granahan (Arnie Goland Orch) – No Chemise, Please/ Girl Of My Dreams, ’58 (Sunbeam 102)


Gerry Granahan (BB Five Satins as Wildwoods) – Dance Girl Dance/ Too Big For Her Bikini, ’61 (Caprice 108) (No BB is credited.)


Gerry Granahan as Jerry Thomas – Someone/ It’s So Strange, ’66 (Ascot 2212)

(Jerry Thomas is another alias Granahan used.)


Wildwoods (Gerry Granahan & The) as Gerry Granahan & Five Satins – Dance Girl Dance, ’95 (X-Bat 1000)



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