Gene La Marr & His Blues Flames

Gene La Marr & His Blue Flames (California)

– That Crazy Little House/ You Don’t Love Me Anymore, ’58 (Spry 113)

– You Can Count On Me/ Just A Little Bit Longer, ’58 (Spry 114)

– Close To Me/ Moon Eyes, ’58 (Spry 115)


Gene La Marr & The Blue Flames (California)

Hammerhead {I}/ Sharkskin {I}, ’58 (Flame 1101)

  • Not listed in the book.

– Just A Stranger/ I’m Gonna Made It Up To You, ’59 (Flame 1102)

  • Book listed with the Blue Flames groups.


Note:  In the book, Spry #113 & #115 are listed under Blue Flames and Gene La Marr.